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During the COVID-19 outbreak, our office is still operating under normal business hours. We may be working remotely from home with full email and telephone capabilities. We will be conducting meetings by telephone and video conference as much as possible. We will meet clients in-person only if essential, however we are NOT able to visit nursing home. Please be safe. 

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Elder law attorneys
David Keast - Elder law attorneys

Elder law attorneys focus on the legal issues that primarily affect senior citizens. These issues include planning for incapacity, asset protection, long-term care, and leaving a legacy after death.

While seniors are most likely to need long term care, become incapacitated or pass away, the reality is that people of any age groups could find themselves facing the same situation. Anyone can come down with an unexpected illness or suffer an injury that is deadly or even sends them to a nursing home, or that leaves them unable to communicate. Are you prepared?

Elder law attorneys help people, young and old, to plan for the risk that something will go wrong, as well as prepare for the certainty of eventual death. Planning is the focus of elder law. This means assisting clients with:

  • An Incapacity Plan: W. David Keast will help you put a plan in place to answer questions such as; Who will manage assets if you cannot? Who will make medical decisions for you if you can’t speak for yourself? What kinds of medical care do you want? Your plan will utilize tools such as living trusts and power of attorney to protect you and your assets.
  • A Long-term Care Plan: David will help you to make a plan for covering the costs of a nursing home that will not bankrupt you or your family. Long-term care is expensive, and the cost will probably continue to rise with each passing year. The reality is that most seniors will require at least some long-term care, an expense that can prove to be burdensome.
  • An Asset Protection Plan:He works with people from all walks of life – from those with little assets who want a simple will, to those with considerable wealth who want to navigate the difficulties of estate taxes and probate. Whatever your situation, David is here to provide compassionate, knowledgeable counsel to help you accomplish your goals.
  • An Estate Plan: Estate planning is not just about what happens to your assets after you pass away – effective estate planning looks at all issues, from death and disability to Medicaid, VA Benefits and nursing home care. W. David Keast's goal is to take you through the steps to preserve your independence for as long as possible and to appoint an advocate in case of incapacity.

When you talk with an elder law attorney, your lawyer will discuss your specific concerns and goals for the future. A custom-tailored plan is created to achieve your dreams and to make sure your wishes are respected, even if someday you are not able to communicate your desires.

W. David Keast provides advice to people of all ages on elder law issues, including Medicaid planning. Give him a call today to set up an appointment to begin creating your plan so you and your family will not have to worry about what the future holds.

W. David Keast, Attorney At Law

Attorney Keast was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 2007. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the Mahoning County Bar Association, and the Ohio State Bar Association. As an Elder Attorney, David Keast, is focused on planning for eventuality with Incapacity Plan, Long-term Care Plans, Asset Protection Plans, Estate Plans and other services.

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